Got an idea this Mother’s Day for a mother or grandmother with dementia?

09 Mar 2019

If your mother or grandmother has dementia, here are a few ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with a bittersweet experience, from movies and baking to reminiscing over photos from the past. Whatever you choose to do, we wish you a lovely day.For whilst you can remember all the lovely things she’s done for you over the years, […]

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A hero is not born, they just CARE to be one!

17 Jun 2020

Over the last few months, we have seen a real change in our society, as well as with hygiene standards and protective equipment. Even with these unprecedented time, it is incredible to see how our staff continue to go above and beyond to make a real difference and continue to provide safe services, not just […]

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Listening in Challenging Times

15 Oct 2020

Clece Care Gateshead has developed a culture that enables and supports a continuous improvement, where people feel comfortable telling us what and how we can improve. This inclusive and positive culture is based on the values of dignity and respect, transparency, flexibility, learning and reflection, joint-working and commitment to quality care and support. We involve […]

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Keeping Warm in Winter

15 Dec 2020

With the coldest part of the year soon to be upon us, we’ve prepared this useful list of winter warming tips for older people. Declining circulation and a changing metabolism mean many of us feel the cold more keenly as we get older. There’s also a host of secondary factors that can cause us to feel the […]

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What is stress and how can I manage it?

23 Nov 2021

National Stress Awareness Day is on every first Wednesday in November, this year falling on the 3rd of November. The feeling of being overloaded with emotional or mental pressure can result in stress when you feel unable to cope. Stress is a normal psychological and/or physical response to the day-to-day demands of life. During National […]

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Family Festive Fun for Christmas

02 Dec 2021

Christmas is soon approaching, and the festivities have definitely begun. After last year’s celebrations were put on hold, this Christmas is even more special. Christmas is the perfect time for being with loved ones and we have the perfect activities for you to do together, both at home Christmas activities and local Christmas events. Christmas […]

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